Brands I’m Working With, What I’m Not & Why?

Alfa Romeo – Their inventory in the tri-state is better than most brands. If you’re flexible on colors and options this is a brand I can assist with for out-of-stock and inbound vehicles. No factory orders. Acura – Slim inventory and will most likely not change until 2023. If you’re flexible on colors and options this […]

Very Important, Please Read – July 1st through Labor Day

Due to the semiconductor chip issue, the auto industry is experiencing something that we have never seen before. Inventory is very scarce if there is any at all throughout almost all brands. Due to this, we are only willing to negotiate on a few brands out of dealer stock. 90% of our Hire The Expert […]

January’s status for current inventory and incentives

Alfa Romeo – Slim pickings on the remaining 2020 models for Giulia & Stelvio but great incentives if you find one you like. Programs on the 2021 models are decent but not as good as the 2020 models. Sunroof, navigation & safety features are now standard on all 2021 Giulia & Stelvio TI trim levels. Acura – […]

Incentives & Inventory for October

Alfa Romeo – Incentives are strong for both the Giulia and Stelvio models. Inventory is better on Giulia than Stelvios. The TI AWD trim level seem to be the most plentiful.   Acura – Inventory and incentives are good on the 2020 MDXs. 2021 RDX inventory is low, but starting to build and incentives look decent. […]

Hardship Assistance (Important Information)

Acura Financial Services – Currently offering payment extensions and deferrals, as well as late fee waivers, are available. For more information, please visit Ally Auto – You can defer your payment for up to 120 days – they won’t charge any late fees, but finance charges will still accrue for non-lease accounts. Save yourself […]

1st Quarter Closing Incentives

Alfa Romeo – Deals are still going strong on remaining 2019 Stelvio’s & Giulia’s. Additional rebates if you’re currently driving an Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Infiniti or any Chrysler FCA model. Acura – 3 payment pull-ahead program on almost all models (including customers who are currently driving a 2016 – 2018 RDX). There is a reduced interest […]

This is beyond disgraceful!

It’s one thing to buy a new car and get ripped off. You end up paying the sticker price or above because you don’t know what you’re doing, the dealership is aware of it and takes advantage of you. I know this happens. It happens often and many times every month. It’s how some dealers […]

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