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It’s not what you earn…

Have you ever heard this before, it’s not what you earn it’s what you save??? Based on the website the average household income between 2005-2009 was $79,585.00 gross. So after paying about 25% in taxes you’re left with $59,688 net. That’s about $1,150 per week in your pocket not including deductions for medical insurance and any […]

Today Only

I’m sure you have heard this before while shopping for that new car: “The rebates are only good for today”…” you’re catching the last day of the sale”… “it’s our last one in stock” and so on… Well guess what, the dealerships and banks will still need to sell cars tomorrow, the next day, week […]

A Holiday Gift To All My Valued Customers (See My Deals Section)

My gift to you this holiday season…an inside look at all of the AMAZING BMW and Mercedes deals being offered this month, including their complete model lineup. What’s your preference and did you ever think they were this affordable?? ** (**everyone is entited to different rebates & incentives, call me to find out which ones […]

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