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You’ll Be Happy:)

The first automobile, for better or worse, to carry its own hashtag as a nameplate, #PinkBeetle was released this month to car dealers in the USA. This is a limited production model offered by VW. Since May there have been many articles online stating buyers should get on the wait list if they intend to […]

2 Years & It’s Finally Settled

Have you ever negotiated your end -of -lease bill? If so, did you take the first discount that was offered to you or pushed for more? I’ve negotiated these bills hundreds of times for customers on average knocking up to 50% off. Two years ago after negotiating an end -of -lease bill for a customer, […]

Best Lease Deals Right Now

Do these prices really benefit anybody? Are they the best deals available? Not even close! At a quick glance, I can tell they’re based on a minimal discount off MSRP. Plus, not every person is entitled to or qualifies for the same incentives. So it’s not possible that everyone is entitled to the same best […]

Can I Steal You???

I contacted about 17 Lexus dealers last Friday in search of a new GX460 for a customer. After hearing back from 8 of them I achieved the price I was looking for and proceeded with making the deal, leaving the deposit and setting up delivery for Wednesday. Last Saturday and Monday I was still bombarded […]

Reality Check

Every once and a while I need to do a reality check. I take the route most people do when shopping for a new car. I pick up a friend who is in the market and head over to a dealership on a Saturday. I then work a deal from scratch. No connections, not knowing […]

Big Mistake!

Now that the holidays are behind us and baby TJ is only waking up once per night, (this kid eats like a horse) I’m back in the swing of things and ready to kick off the new year! I wanted to alert you to a story I heard 2 weeks ago, and in case you […]

Which is Worse? Car shopping or going to the dentist?

Car Shopping Doesn’t Have to be Painful According to a new study, the internet is making car shopping more efficient. The 2013 Buyer Influence Study revealed that over the last two years, the amount of time consumers spent shopping for a car decreased dramatically, and the percentage of time car shoppers spent online increased substantially. […]

What Does “Overhead” Have to Do With it?

  What’s Up With Auto Advertising? Click On Image to View Larger Comparison What’s the Catch? I’m on the BMW USA website and it’s quoting me 2 totally different prices for the same vehicle. Can this be possible?  I decided to pick these ads apart.  Here goes:The ad on the left is $369 per month […]

14 Weeks and Counting

My family and I are excited to announce that Jenna is going to be a big sister in November! I know this also means sleepless nights in the not too distant future, more diapers, and double the chaos but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This makes me all the more motivated to work […]

Something is always better than nothing…

Some days it’s good to get out of the office, so yesterday I helped a Connecticut customer with a new Honda in person. The salesperson we dealt with was a really smart guy! I told him the exact car we were looking for and he gave us a price quote. It was about $113 more […]

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