Money Saving Tip for September

This week I was contacted by a client who was in a fender-bender and had damage to her car. I was able to help her through the repair process with significant savings. I realized that I had important information, garnered from past experiences that could save all of my clients time and money. Read these […]

It’s Magic. No, its just knowing your Sh*T!

Time and time again I hear this from customers: how am I going to trade in a lease that I don’t own, have multiple payments left and pull equity from it? Well it doesn’t happen in every circumstance but more often than not your current lease can save you money. If you know what your […]

Money Saving Tip for August

When the “Check Engine Light” goes on in your car.  What does that mean? The light can mean something simple like the gas cap is loose or something more serious.  The light is part of your On-Board Diagnostics System.  It lights up for any number of issues and needs to be hooked up to a […]

No Friends at Dealerships

As my eyes were getting very heavy last night, around 9:30pm, the phone rings. It’s my good friend’s brother- in-law. He says “Tommy, I have my cousin on the phone too, I told him about you and your services. He thinks it may be too late though, he left a deposit on a new BMW […]

Free $1,000 Certificate for Test Driving a New BMW

If anyone is thinking about getting a new BMW (any model) between now and Jan. 3 2013 be sure to sign up for the BMW USA Test Drive Event. By attending this event BMW will give you a $1,000 certificate towards any new car above any current incentives available. They have an event going on […]

Money Saving Tip for July

What is an air filter and its purpose??  How to save money by DIY. Changing Your Air Filter   An air filter is an important part of a car’s intake system, because it is through the air filter that the engine “breathes.” An engine needs an exact mixture of fuel and air in order to […]

Money Saving Tip for June

Secret Repair Selling Technique One of the most common upsell items in any service department is brake replacement. Look at any advertisement from a dealership or even a quick lube center. They’re looking to get you in the door on the cheapest service they offer dressed up with a lot of free stuff. They show […]

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