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Oncology Analytics’ Series B Yields $21M

The company will expand its health benefits management offerings, as well as make investments in data analytics and innovative health tech
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Fragile X Treatment Shows Promise in Phase II Trial

The first in a new drug class of phosphodiesterase‐4D allosteric inhibitors developed by Tetra Therapeutics is well tolerated and helps improve cognition in people with fragile X syndrome, show results from a Phase II trial.
Ovary cancer

FDA Approves Myriad’s myChoice CDx for Zejula’s Late-Line Ovarian Cancer Indication

The FDA has approved Myriad Genetics’ myChoice CDx as a companion diagnostic for Zejula (niraparib) to identify women with advanced ovarian cancer in the...

Thermo Fisher, Eli Lilly Ink CDx Collaboration in NSCLC, Thyroid Cancer

Thermo Fisher Scientific said today it will develop a companion diagnostic for Eli Lilly’s Phase I/II cancer candidate LOXO-292 (selpercatinib) through a collaboration whose...
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Common IBD Treatment Reduces Immune Response to COVID-19

U.K. research shows that the inflammatory bowel disease drug infliximab stops the body’s immune system from mounting a strong antibody response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which may result in these patients being more susceptible to prolonged or repeat cases of COVID-19 and could mean they also have a weaker response to vaccination.

FDA Approves Myriad BRACAnalysis CDx for Lynparza in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

According to Myriad, it is the first and only genetic test approved by the FDA as a CDx designed to help identify patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer who have a germline BRCA mutation and are candidates for treatment with Lynparza.
Neuron system

Researchers ID 40 Genes that Thwart Axon Regeneration in CNS Cells

When the researchers suppressed those genes in mouse models of glaucoma they were able to regenerate the damaged axons. The findings could eventually lead to developing therapies for patients of stroke, spinal cord damage, or traumatic brain injuries—avenues that don't currently exists.
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Feasibility Study Finds Informative Digital Biomarkers of Dementia

Combining wearable devices, handheld devices and digital apps lets researchers tell the difference between people with early dementia and those without it.

Are Biomarkers in Semen the Future of Prostate Cancer Screening?

Semen could be considered a liquid biopsy of the organs of male reproductive system—specifically, of the prostate gland. This is convenient. Semen is, potentially,...

Promega to Develop MSI Technology as CDx to Merck’s Keytruda

Promega’s MSI testing is designed to functionally measure the genomic accumulation of insertion or deletion (INDEL) errors caused by a deficient mismatch-repair system (dMMR) that occurs in certain types of solid tumors.
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COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment Remdesivir’s Effectiveness Boosted 10X by Hepatitis C Drug

The study's authors suggested their work could lead to a combination antiviral therapy for COVID-19, which could be especially helpful to unvaccinated people who become infected and to vaccinated people who experience waning immunity.
University of Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine

AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Shows 76% Efficacy, Reduced Transmission

The vaccine also showed potential for reducing transmission of the virus, with researchers finding a 67% reduction in positive swabs obtained from volunteers in the U.K. arms of the trials following the first dose.
Qiagen plans to acquire diagnostics developer STAT-Dx for up to $191 million

Qiagen to Acquire Diagnostics Developer STAT-Dx for $147M, Plus Milestones

Later this year, combined company plans to launch QIAstat-Dx, designed for use in oncology and respiratory or gastrointestinal infections
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Cancer Prognosis and Survival Predictions Aided by DNA Methylation Patterns

DNA methylation could improve outcomes via more accurate diagnoses of indolent or aggressive tumors requiring different treatment regimens
Lung Cancer

Biodesix Develops Simple Liquid Biopsy to Screen Lung Nodules for Cancer Risk

Nodify CDT™ is designed to identify tumors at high risk of turning cancerous and complements another of Biodesix’s clinical assays, Nodify XL2™. Nodify XL2 is designed to help identify lung nodules with a very low risk of cancer. Having one test determine if a patient is low risk and another to determine high risk will help physicians move patients quickly to a definitive care plan.
spine bones injury

First Disease-Modifying Treatment for Osteoarthritis Could Be a Common Antidepressant

New research suggests that the antidepressant paroxetine could represent the first-ever disease-modifying treatment for osteoarthritis, and also indicates that other compounds that counteract abnormal activity in cartilage-maintaining cells could be repurposed into therapies for the disease.
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The Clinical OMICs 10 Under 40

From polygenic risk scores and CRISPR to immune therapies and mapping human cells, our inaugural selection of young scientists underscores the breadth of precision health research.
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Seven Bridges Launches Genomic, Phenotypic Data Platform Targeted to Drug Developers

According to Seven Bridges, ARIA addresses what the company says is a lack of tools available in the market that allow easy interoperability of disparate data at this scale.

In Conversation with Edward Abrahams, President, the Personalized Medicine Coalition

Edward Abrahams, Ph.D., has been president of the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) since its founding in late 2004. After serving as an anchor partner...
Lung Virus Infection

COVID-19 Vaccine: AstraZeneca, Univ. of Oxford Report Positive Phase I/II Results

Among the study participants, a single dose resulted in a four-fold increase in antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus spike protein in 95% of participants at Day 28 after injection, the researchers reported.

Abu Dhabi Population Genomics Project to Use Oxford Nanopore’s PromethION

The genomes of 100,000 people will be sequenced during the first phase of Abu Dhabi’s Population Genome Program, an initiative designed to promote personalized medicine by applying insights to healthcare.
Alzheimer's disease

APOE4 Alzheimer’s Risk Could Be Abated by Common Dietary Supplement

MIT researchers hope that new research findings may lead to clinical studies of the dietary supplement choline specifically in people who carry the APOE4 gene, to see if the supplement could help to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.
corona virus 1

COVID-19 Mortality Risk Strongly Influenced by 8 “Super-Variants”

The Yale research team discovered the variants through an analytically “enhanced” genome-wide association study of more than 1,700 patients whose data was included in the UK Biobank.
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Top 10 Companies Leveraging Gene Editing

Despite questions that surround the use of CRISPR gene editing technology, public and private therapeutics developers continue to raise cash
Epic Sciences plans to accelerate development of its liquid biopsy cancer tests

Promising Liquid Biopsy for Gastric Cancer Recurrence Developed

The researchers performed deep sequencing of both circulating cfDNA and of white blood cells to look for mutations. Subtracting the white blood cells’ information from cfDNA yielded data investigators could use to predict cancer recurrence within nine weeks following preoperative treatment and surgery.


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